Social Media Stalker Climber (Film Thoughts: Ingrid Goes West)

images-1I have to admit that, at some point, at some point I was getting addicted to Facebook. But I started to realize a lot of what I was reading was white noise. What I liked about Facebook was taking a slice of friends’ and acquaintances’ lives. But then everything else seem to have been dumped in there, and posts about politics drove me insane – with fake news on both sides, and I was starting to take political sides personally, like unfriending people who had opposite opinions. That’s when I started to pull back.  I know where I stand, and don’t need to be convinced by it. I started to look at Facebook and concentrated more on Instagram where it’s a little less personal, and more private.

So what’s my point? I would like to think that I am a sane person. But what if a real certifiably crazy person gets obsessed with social media? That’s the story of Ingrid, the main character Ingrid on ‘Ingrid Goes West,’  which is Matt Spicer’s directorial debut. She is played by Aubrey Plaza. She really is a monster of a character but Plaza plays almost endearingly. When she reaches rock bottom, you feel sorry for her, even as you acknowledge everything she did to her Instagram obsession, Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) From the ‘depths’ of her nowhere, she moves to California so she can insert herself into Taylor’s glamorous life. Think of it as the Kardashan syndrome. Then what happens to her? The film comes close to a modern morality tale, but the film has other plans.

I like the film a lot, enough to recommend to people. I am honest enough to admit that I sometimes get excited if I saw someone who I have been following on Instagram so I can relate to Ingrid. But probably not enough to move across the country to move for that person. As a film, you will connect and disconnect with different characters here. This film entertained and made me think.


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