Your Song (Film Thoughts: The Girl From The Song)

MV5BNmFmOGRlMGMtY2RkNy00MGI3LTkwYTktNGFjY2JkYjlmOGUyL_Young people still fall in love, right? In the movies nowadays, they rarely do. I guess a lot of the young have ‘moved on,’ and they fall in love now on YouTube, on Snapchat, and many other forums, but on the movies, on the movies they are aren’t there. (Though, this year, two did at ‘Everything,Everything’)

Directed by Ibai Abad, ‘The Girl From The Song’ is a love story between Eric (Lewis Rainier) and Jo (Josephine Berry) meet in a London University. He’s a music geek, she’s a popular girl. They get into a hot and heavy romance, and then she leaves him to go to Burning Man with her friends. He gets insecure, sells his guitar to follow her, and the rest of the movie continues in the shadow of the 2014 Burning Man Music Festival in Nevada.

As I said before, young love. These kids are young, impetuous, compulsive. And in love. They make decisions based on what they feel, in the heat of the moment. We have all been there. You will see yourselves in these characters.

I love the feel of the movie – from the cloudy scenes in London town to dusty Nevada of Burning Man. I appreciated the international feel – it’s a Spanish production with the lovers played a British young man and a French young woman. And most of all, I felt nostalgic of feeling young love, for decades ago I felt the same thing.


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