Lies Lies Lies (Television Thoughts: Younger Season Four)

sy4So I am finally writing about Younger, Season Four. I waited until the season finished. I had been watching it really sporadically this season and binged the last couple of episodes. I am still very much into it, and if for anything, I think the cast is better than ever, as they have all really gotten all of their characters under their skins.

Let’s see what this season has brought – the sexual tension between Liza and Charles finally consummated. But then Charles’s ex-wife comes into the picture as her manuscript is discovered (and edited) by Liza, and by the end of the season her book is about to be published. Josh met an Irish woman, and by the end of the season marries her in Ireland, so she can get a visa to stay in the US. So these are just elaborate set-ups for next season. The common thread on all these: lies, lies, lies. Liza’s specialty, of course.

I enjoyed much of the season, if a little less than before. I know they are just trying to prolong the ‘love triangle’ angle and that’s fine, and I am not really against any of the hurdles they have thrown our lovebirds, here. All the minor characters have been strong, especially Duff’s. I am curious and excited as to where these characters are headed, but I truly wish I was more excited. A stellar season, but no cause for fireworks here.

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