Frozen (Perfume Thoughs: Alber Elbaz x Frederic Malle Superstition)

Photo Aug 27, 5 11 47 PMI sampled Frederic Malle par Alber Elbaz Superstition a couple of months back when it first came out. I was at Barney’s and there it was, taunting me, seducing me. I remember loving it, and at the same time I was trying to ignore it. Why? $$$$$ Malle fragrances can tantalize you, but it still feels forbidden because of he outrageous price points. I remember liking, maybe loving it, at that time. Floral Aldehydes , I remember – the ones my friend says smells like Pond’s Cold Cream.

But I do like perfumes that smell like that, they remind me of he glamorous old-fashioned perfumes, It is reminiscent of all things Chanel. I visualize a ball with ladies wearing sparkly gowns and the men in black tuxedos.

And this perfume smells old-fashioned with a cold sparkly opening of green bergamot, all from an ice bucket. Then chilled pear follows with a jasmine heart that’s a bit musky, joined with a musky rose. All of these is gauzified – the aldehydes making sure it’s presence is felt.

This is the kind of fragrance that people will call “grandma’s perfume”  The wearer of this perfume will match it with an elegant all-black outfit instead of a romantic lace. This woman knows herself and knows what she wants. The roses are not sweet, the peach is slightly green.

If its price was cheaper, I would grab it tomorrow. I know I will look for excuses not to get it (I’m a Virgo, we are always practical)  But I know in my heart of hearts, this love will not fade.

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