Oh How He Swings (Music Thoughts, In Full Swing)

sethSeth MacFarlane is back with a new album, “In Full Swing,”  and it is a counterpart of his previous album, “No One Ever Tells You.” That one was a ballads album, full of longing and melancholy. And you know how I like those things, so obviously I loved that album.  I find myself liking this one, too. He can do ‘happy’ as well as he does sad, apparently. This album is full of jovial swing, and he sings, and swings, these songs effortlessly.  The tracks move from one song to another with great ease, and they will make you happy, move, and you cannot help but be in a good mood after listening to the album.  There’s that.

But there’s this. His albums (including ‘No One Ever Tells You’) do not resonate with me after. Technically, they’re good. But his singing doesn’t connect with me, for whatever reason. I will compare him to Michael Buble, for example, whose singing does. They both do pretty much the same thing, but Buble touches me. I don’t know why, is it the phrasing?

To me, Seth’s albums are perfect for cocktail parties where someone, for example, would ask, “who is that singing?’ then I would answer Seth, and they would say, the one from Family Guy? And I say yes.

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