Nosey Neighbours (Television Thoughts: 9JKL, CBS)

9JKL-season-1-poster-CBS-key-artHow old am I that a watched a CBS sitcom? Old, for sure. I just saw the first two episodes of ‘9JKL,’ CBS’ crown jewel sitcom for this season, and you know why I think that? Well, because they had so much faith in this show that they are pairing it with ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ And this show is being ravaged by critics left and right.

What do I think? I mean, it’s not the worst, and it’s not that bad. I kind of like it’s classic traditional feel. Mark Feuerstein plays Josh, who moves back to New York in the same building as his parents and his brother, with an apartment between them. Sure it’s cliche in the highest level, but it kind of reminds me of a 70s or 80s sitcom, so I can’t really hate it enough. Plus, anything with Linda Lavin and Elliot Gould couldn’t really be that bad, right?  I don’t know if I will ever go back to watching this show after I have written about it here, and I don’t think I will furiously seek this, but perhaps on a cold night, with blankets on, I might binge watch it on Hulu.

(oops, just realized CBS shows are not on Hulu – oh well)

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