Once There Was A Love (Film Thoughts: Maudie)

mauThere is something very poetic about ‘Maudie.’

I saw the film a couple of days ago and it is staying with me. There’s something about it that touched me deeply, and I am at a loss as to why. I have tried to start and restart writing about it, but I just can’t find the words. It is a story of a woman, played beautifully by Sally Hawkins, who becomes a housekeeper/caregiver for Everette Lewis (Ethan Hawke) a fish peddler who is very hard to get along with. But somehow their hearts find solace with each other, and he found a way to let Maudie (Hawkins) soar as she leashes her creativity through painting. She becomes a sensation, capturing the interest of even Nixon, and then she…falls apart little by little.

And then the rest breaks my heart to even write. This is a beautiful story, told exquisitely, and matched by Hawkins and Hawke’s acting, which elevates the sometimes bland screenplay to soar. You can feel the different emotions right there in their rawest – hope, pain, tenderness. This is one of those quiet movies, when as you watch it, you don’t even realize that these characters are snaking their way into your inner selves. I love this movie for all it does to me.

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