Fake Wood (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone English Oak and Red Currant)

o.49358Some recent Jo Malone releases have been very exciting (Star Magnolia, anyone) but apparently they are still capable of duds. I hate to be very blunt about it, too, but maybe because I really like the brand and am very upset when they disappoint me.  I even like a lot of the work of its nose, Yann Vasnier so that may be making me doubly upset.

English Oak and Red Currant is from their English Oak Collection – which is a unique wood, sweeter and deeper than sandalwood and cedar wood. They promised this would have a ‘roasted’ quality, and of course I imagined smoky, sultry. But what I get is just generic wood that quickly disappears. I barely get the fleeting red currant. Quite quickly I get the base – a generic synthetic wood thing. That’s all. It’s nice and pleasant, but I really loathed it. As much as I want to be a completist for the brand (It is much represented in my wardrobe) this is a big big skip for me.

(Addendum: I had the same perfume on my scarf and it bloomed beautifully: the red currant is sweet and spicy at the same time,  and the wood gave it a nice balance. So really,, it’s my skin.)

One thought on “Fake Wood (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone English Oak and Red Currant)

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