Gossip Says (Book Thoughts: According To A Source, Abby Stern)

31450958Since I was in the mood for something fun and frothy (and quick) I started reading ‘According To A Source,’ by Abby Stern. It’s about Ella, who works for a gossip magazine,  as kind of a celebrity spy who goes to all their club party haunts and reports about what happens to these celebrities. The set up was kind of confusing (for me) but I bought into it. Then there is a shakeup at the magazine and she gets a new lady boss who makes them earn points for each scoop, making the job more stressful for Ella. (But I thought they were working freelance?) About halfway through, I was starting to really tire of the characters, and to add to this, there is a mom-has-cancer storyline that I was kind of not in the mood for (didn’t I just finish a similar book?)

The latter half is better, and more uplifting, though, and it brought me back into the story, and ended with an unexpected big beating heart. So can I say that this is a good half-a-book’s worth?

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