Not Even Worth $1 (Movie Thoughts: Me, You and Five Bucks)

me-you-and-five-bucksLook, I love indie movies, small budget films do not repel me. But I can only endure so much. Written and Directed by Jaime Zevallos, this film is badly written, badly directed, badly acted. Set in New York City, we see her a waiter waiting for his big break, and it comes when he publishes a book, titled “Seven Ways To Mend A Broken Heart,” and while he is in the process of editing this book, the girl who dump him comes back, and sure he is smitten again. I think that’s the plot. I barely could pay attention as me eyelids were too heavy at that point. Nothing is believable here. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that. I kind of enjoyed trying to identify what corners in NYC they were at. Besides that, there were no other redeeming values for this movie.

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