Their Cheating Hearts (Television Thoughts: Project Runway Season Sixteen)


Have I been watching ‘Project Runway’ for sixteen seasons now? Because this is its sixteenth season, and I know perhaps for a season or two, I have been very faithful. Do I enjoy the show still, after all these years? I do, for the most part, but I have to admit that it has been more and more predictable as years go on. And this season may be its most trite ever, casting -wise. They have a Muslim woman, a trans woman, a set of twins, just to cite some obvious examples. Are they casting personalities? For sure, but I would like to think that the personalities have at least a modest amount of talent. And I had thought this was one of those shows where drama took second place to the competition – the clothes, the originality, the creativity. Honestly, this year, it seems like drama comes first. I have not been truly impressed by any of the designers, as they seem to be more designing clothes, not fashion. And as for the drama – they seemed to have cast the twins as the ‘villains’ right from the start, setting both up for their inevitable fail. It’s exhausting. And as for the much-teased ‘cheating’ scandal, it more ado than the something, and they made sure you were rooting for the right people, based on their editing. Still, I have to admit, it got my interest, and it got me binge-watching, and yes, it entertained me. Sure I get that i was manipulated, but what am I supposed to do?

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