Doogie Awkward (Television Thoughts: The Good Actor, ABC)

the-good-doctorI don’t know why ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor’ appealed to me, but I am enjoying it after the three episodes I have seen. It stars little cutie Freddie Highmore as an autistic doctor (Dr Shaun Murphy) who is doing residence as a surgeon in a San Jose, California hospital. I don’t know what the spectrum of his autism is, but he is ‘highly functional,’ and is a savant regarding all medical information – you get a sense that he has memorized medical books, and is using that information to treat patients – all for good. On the first three weeks anyway, different medical conditions get thrown to him every week, and he is a hero at all of them.

But, as he is autistic, they make good use of his social awkwardness. He  really does not know how to interact with others, and needs help in boundaries, and operating with and recognizing shades of grey, as everything in life is not black or white, as explained through his medical textbooks.

And there are a lot of shades of grey here – as we see some of the people he works with at the hospital acting like they are from that other Grey television show (Anatomy) and frankly, I think it’s a stupid distraction. The show definitely does not need that kind of crap here. Still, I think Highmore is charming and effectove and by now they probably have got me for the rest of the season.

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