Reminds Me Of Home (Film Thoughts: Home Again)

homeagainPsWhen someone asks me what I am looking for in a partner, I think I now know what to answer. I want someone who won’t make me wait, that I am important to this person enough for them to want to be on time (even early) when they want to meet me. All through I my life I cannot even tell you how many times I waited for someone, and yes there were a lot of times they never showed up. I also cannot begin to tell you how many times I accepted multitude of sorrys. But I would like to think that at 50, I am better. But that doesn’t mean a scene in a movie like that won’t hit me straight in the gut, because it did, here in ‘Home Again.’  The main protagonist here, Alice (played by Reese Witherspoon) asks the younger guy she is dating, to a party, and he never shows up, and right there, right that very moment, I felt exactly what she was going through. Instantly I bonded with that character.

I was with her from then on, even if, frankly, the movie she is in isn’t really the best. I kept on seeing Nancy Meyer’s name in all the articles regarding this film that I thought it was her movie. (I even thought, why is a Nancy Meyer movie being shown at the end of summer?)  Then I realized that this movie was only produced by Meyer and is directed (and written)  by her daughter Hallie Meyer-Shyer. The result is a lower-rent (but still opulent) Nancy Meyer production. It’s plot has more holes than an expensive sweater with artsy-intentional holes. Since I like Meyer’s movies, I enjoyed this, but truly accept all its limitations. Plus, and this is a big plus for me, the men in here are adorable, especially Harry (Pico Alexander, major heartthrob) who is the guy Alice waited for. (The weak in me can even say who could blame her)

So emotionally, I was all-in here. No apologies.

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