No Need To Stew Stu (Music Thoughts, Out Of The Blue, Stu Mac)

coverStu Mac, with his sleeve tattoo, would not be out of place in a rock band. If you told me he was a member of the Stone Temple Pilots (since I don’t really know any of STP’s members)  I would totally believe you.  As per his website, Mac is a seasoned performer, and even studied under famed jazz singer Ranee Lee.

I find he straddles the line between pop and jazz. There are some non-jazz songs here, and he does those very well.  When he switches to the jazz tracks, though, he is just as good. I even find him injecting blue-eyed soul on ‘My Buddy,’ and ‘It’s Only A Paper Moon.’ I guess I shouldn’t be pigeonholing people, but he gives a lot of different ‘sounds’ on this album, ‘Out Of The Blue.’ He sings assuredly, he knows what he wants in his sound.


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