Watch You Like Crazy (Film Thoughts: Dirty Beautiful)

dirtybeauLove will make you crazy, for sure. It’s that thing that will take over you, intoxicate your life, but at the same time you will want it all day, all hour, all minute. You see all of this in all its nasty glory in Tim Bartell’s ‘Dirty Beautiful.’  Ricky Mabe plays David, one of those guys geeks who has never fallen in love, and you can tell in how obsessive compulsive he is with his post it notes that he will apply the same obsessive compulsiveness when he falls in love. And when he meets Kat (Jordan Monaghan) a homeless prostitute and takes her in his apartment you know that the crazy is just starting. And the crazy does commence, in all its beautiful glory. This is the kind of film that will infuriate and exasperate you. You know they are totally wrong for each other and you just want them to just leave each other right there and then. It’s like listening to a friend tell his problems to you and keep on making the same mistake over and over again. In both cases, you just keep quiet, accept their decisions, cross your fingers and hope there won’t be a lot of collateral damage. This is a crazy beautiful film that will make you feel you are alive, in the best and worst sense of that phrase.

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