And Then A Hero Comes Along (Book Thoughts: Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, Michael Ausiello)

32913135Here I am, eleven p.m., past my bedtime writing about Michael Ausiello’s ‘Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.’  It is the book that has gotten me off my months-long reading rut. It is his memoir of his relationship with his husband Kit, and how he cared for him after he was diagnosed with cancer. It is touching, heartbreaking, all the sad adjectives ending in -ing.  And the own caretaker in me is wondering, at this very second, if he is alright. My father passed away a couple of months before his husband, and I was also his caregiver. Sometimes I wish someone would ask me if I were okay.

There were tons of times the book felt familiar – the doctor’s visits when you hope against hope that everything would be alright, the times when a doctor would tell you what you didn’t want to hear. Even the moment your loved one passes always seems so familiar it always feels like it was just yesterday. Ausiello writes these details accurately, but more importantly, he details emotions as perfectly. If you have ever experienced loss, this book will slay you – perhaps even in the best possible ways.

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