Like A Britney Song (Movie Thoughts: Flatbush Luck)

flabFor me, a Casper Andreas movie is like a Britney Spears song – there’s a whole lot of production there, and it can certainly be fun and enjoyable at the moment, but there really mostly is nothing there. Which is really fine, of course. Britney never promised to solve the world problems, nor does she try to comment on anything truly important. She’s just there to have fun, and have you join her having fun.

Casper Andreas’ eighth film, ‘Flatbush Luck,’ follows that trajectory. It’s the story of two cousins Jimmy (Tanner Novlan) and Max (Robby Stahl) who both work for the telephone/internet company. Jimmy was a Wall Street guy who got laid off, and Max is engaged to a woman he not only not love, but really dislike. Oh, and also Max is gay. The movie doesn’t aim high, and has a story even a child can compose, but both guys are delicious eye candy, and as I said, there’s no Scorsesee intentions here. There is a inside trading/tapping sub plot here that seems to be from another movie, but can easily be followed. And yes, it is fun – the obvious jokes land, and everyone is entertained.

So basically, no complaints here, and in my case anyway, Novlan is so easy on the eyes that I would have watched him doing anything. (Oh, let me follow him on Instagram now)

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