Comfort Read (Book Thoughts: New Uses For Old Boyfriends, Beth Kendrick)

22544025Halfway through the book, I told myself why does this book sound familiar? So I checked Goodreads and found out that Beth Kendrick’s ‘New Uses For Old Boyfriends’ is a the second in the ‘Black Dog Bay series, and yes, I did read the first one, even though the characters there are unrelated to the ones here. There was just something in here that struck me as very familiar, and apparently it’s the town and tone of the book – probably Kendrick’s style.

Otherwise, this is a by-the-numbers chick lit read about a woman starting over after a divorce, coming back to her mother’s house, and reuniting with ex boyfriends. You don’t need to really figure things out, they happen as you expect them to. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing,  as I said earlier, the familiarity is welcome, like cuddling a well-worn warm blanket by the fire. I enjoyed this book for what it is, without lofty expectations, and that’s just fine with me.

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