Family Affairs (Movie Thoughts: Landline)

l21995. Remember 1995? I do, very vividly. It seemed like a more innocent time then. Cell phones did not rule everyone’s lives then, and everything seemed…simpler. People used the phones connected to cords!  Gillian Robespierre captures the time well, even the fashion, and the (start of ) technology, during a time when a whole family would share the Apple computer, and information were stored on floppy disks.

On said computer, a teenage daughter Ali (Abby Quinn) discovers what her father (John Turturro) has been writing – sex poems dedicated to someone named ‘C,’ which is not her mother (Edie Falco) and gets devastated by it. She tells her sister Dana (Jenny Slate) but Dana has problems of her own – she has a live-in boyfriend but finds herself having an affair with another guy. Together they commiserate, and strengthen their bond as sisters.

This film made me nostalgic for a time I know very well, but I struggled to like some of the characters, particularly the two daughters. I appreciated Turturro and Falco more, as i could relate to their characters more (maybe it’s old age)  I thought the pacing could be quicker, and it had a false ending or two. Otherwise, if indie movies appeal to you, I am sure you will find a lot to like here.

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