But You’ve Got To Have Friends (Television Thoughts, Will & Grace Season Nine)

C27FD6uWgAAsW1lSo you have seen all the press for the return of ‘Will and Grace,’  and after watching the ninth season opener, I say yasss ! And to be honest, I am not even the biggest fan of the show. Of course, I watched it when it was first on, and I particularly loved the second season but I drifted after that, occasionally checking in but never devoted. But of course I love these characters. I mean, who doesn’t ? Gay critics are saying it’s a minstrel show, and I say why take it so seriously? It’s a sitcom, one that appeals to a whole lot of people. It brought gay sensibility to America’s living rooms weekly, and I think it really did help with mainstream’s acceptance of gay culture.

And it starts out almost entirely where it left off. It has always been topical, and with our media-savvy culture nowadays, it looks like it hasn’t skipped a bit. There is something a bit comforting about seeing these characters again – all over-the-top versions of people we know (Well, I know, anyway)  And the zingers sometimes land, sometimes fail, but hasn’t it always been like that anyway?  I love the fact that totally nothing has changed with Will, with Jack with Grace and with Karen. I mean, I would be so mad if they had changed Karen.  Welcome back, Friends.

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