Cristal Light (Television Thoughts: Dynasty, Wednesdays on CW)

vidAs a full-pledged Dynasty fan from the 80s, you knew I would be watching the CW reboot, and I would be watching with a real judgmental eye. I mean this is a show I know, loved, and obsessed. Can they make it better, and at the same time give tribute to these iconic characters? (I do love that they put it in the same time slot as before, Wednesdays at 9 pm)

After watching the initial episode, I say they mostly missed the spot – this is way too subdued for a night time soap, and when they try to do ‘camp,’ it looks like they are trying – camp happens when you least expect it.

But there are good points here, too. I do like the casting of Grant Show as Blake Carrington – he still looks fine as ever, DILFy delicious. Elizabeth Gillies, as Fallon, the bad daughter, is a little too obvious, a little devilish sly wink would have worked better for me. And Steven Carrington (James Mackay) should have been cuter, all for the young gaylings to lust after. But these are initial impressions – the actors will hopefully be more comfortable in the characters’ skins as the series moves along. I do like the spicy Krystle here, well, I am sorry, Cristal (since she is Hispanic, played by Nathalie Kelly) If Cristal will be a little more street saavy, then it would all be for the better.

Or perhaps I am just too protective of the show I grew up with? I have to be honest, if this was any other show, and not a reboot, I probably would be ignoring this instantly. In this Golden Age of Television, there is just too much to watch that’s better and more interesting. But since this is Dynasty, I will give it a shot, and stick with it for a couple of episodes more.

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