The Funk In Dysfunctional (Movie Thoughts: We Don’t Belong Here)

We-Dont-Belong-Here-movie-teaser-posterGeez, talk about a depressing film about a depressing family. Peer Pedersen’s ‘We Don’t Belong here’ is about a family that is so messed up and dysfunctional that you will probably go home and hug your own (dysfunctional) family as a result.

Catherine Keener plays the matriarch here and all her kids are messed up, and on drugs (both recreational and prescription) It is exhausting to watch, and I wish there was just a little bit of humour here to lighten the darkness (Maya Rudolph tries to squeeze some, but not nearly enough for anyone to notice)

This is one of Anton Yelchin’s last films and even in this crowded film (too many characters to keep track of) you will notice him and hi sensitivity playing Max, the troubled gay son, though it was just a little disturbing to see his character in a freak accident, as he suffered from something similar in real life. Actually, most performances here are good, particularly Keener, who is subtle and effective in an otherwise showy role.

Ultimately, the film is too much of a downer for me. Don’t see this if you are anywhere near razor blades.

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