Here Comes Crazy (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S03 E01-04)

XGF_S3_Basic_8x12_V7_S150I have not written about Season 3 yet of Crazy Ex Girlfriend because I did not want to be hasty. I saw the pilot episode and was extremely disappointed by it. I thought it was disjointed, and for some reason I did not connect with it at all, and that really saddened me. I appreciated the musical numbers (I liked the idea of the opening one that was very Disney-ish) but, again, no emotional connection whatsoever.  I felt mostly the same about the second episode – I thought everything was rote, as if everything was operating on automatic pilot. But I truly did not want to give up on the show – I championed this very early one, and I know it has the potential to still slay me.

I am now here, after the fourth episode. And it’s better, for sure, but I couldn’t help but mirror one of Rebecca’s lines: ‘I don’t even know what story I am on right now.’ I feel you gurl. I think part of the problem may be too many characters to fulfill, though I must say the show does well in giving enough attention to Rebecca. I liked that in the last episode or so, the story started moving:  Josh leaves the priest school and takes with him the dossier about Rebecca, and everyone basically learning the ‘truth’ about her. Right on cue, though, Rebecca starts acting like the crazy woman they think she is, stripping her of any humanity and vulnerability, and you ask, am I supposed to like this woman (I mean, are we?)

There ares till nice touches – Josh Groban doing a cameo and singing a song was a nice surprise, but I can’t help but feel very exhausted by the show. I hope I don’t tire.

One thought on “Here Comes Crazy (Television Thoughts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S03 E01-04)

  1. It’s going in an interesting direction this season. Let me know when you see the two episodes you still have to watch. I loved the Josh Groban song and laughed so hard from the end of it.


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