Mars and Venus (Movie Thoughts: Battle Of The Sexes)

boseI was six years old when the real ‘Battle of The Sexes’ tennis match happened so I do not have much recollection of it. So I went into this movie not really knowing a lot of the ‘back story’ behind the historic tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ is pretty much a straightforward retelling of what happened before the match, with a lot of rom-com thrown in, on Billie’s side anyway.

I did not mind the movie, and have to admit that I was taken along its sweeping journey (I truly did not know who won) and I look at this film kind of like a snapshot of a time. It’s 1973, and women’s rights are just starting to be bandied about, and of course, gay rights are still a lifetime away. I looked at it as an interesting story commenting of how things were back then, more than three decades ago. This has great performances from both Emma Stone and Steve Carrell (playing Billie and Bobby) and you can marvel at both.

I wish it stayed with me, though. I saw it, and I kind of forgot about it right away. While essential, it did seem that the story seem dated, and a lot of what they were fighting for before is no more. But am I just being complacent? Now more than ever, these rights are slowly being taken away by the Trump administration. I just wish the movie inspired me more, it just all seemed so bland and vanilla.


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