I Smell Fish (Perfume Thoughts, Oud Minerale, Tom Ford)

26153382-1794I am still on a Tom Ford kick, still on a ‘high,’ about it. So as to not lose the high, I opted to spray one of his newer releases. ‘Oud Minerale.’  I got a free 10 ML of this from my Tom Ford SA at Nordstrom, because she said it was a very interesting release and she was sure I would love it. That got me doubly excited about it.

Tom Ford does marine aquatic in Oud Minerale, and it is most unique in the most Tom Ford way. The first burst of spritz? It smelled like – the sea. Like the actual sea – the sea water, the seaweeds, the salty scent of it all . And it almost made me puke. It reminded me of a fishy smell, and maybe because I just had grilled fish for dinner? This actually churned my stomach a bit, and it stayed that way on my skin.  Could it be that there is now, finally, a Tom Ford Private Collection release that I despise?

I gave it a little more time, and my disappointment did not dissipate. As a collector, I see its value – a scent that will probably polarize people and I really should include it on my wardrobe. But, in all honestly, I cannot see myself wearing this. The initial fishy smell gave way to a fishy smell with warm woords (the oud, synthetic smelling here) It’s akin to putting fish on velvet – nicer presentation but still fish. I am close to trying to scrub this off my skin.

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