Starring Tom Cruise (Film Thoughts: American Made)

ammadI have been trying to figure out when I last saw a Tom Cruise, and I believe it was ‘Rock Of Ages’ from a may years ago (and he really wasn’t the star of that movie)  So I surprised myself by wanting to see his latest movie, ‘American Made.’  And I am happy to report that Tom Cruise is still Tom Cruise, for all intents and purposes. The film, based on the life of Barry Seals, is definitely a Tom Cruise movie – he is in almost every scene, he f;ashes his blinding toothy smile, and the film is all about his star wattage, and yes, it’s brighter than ever.  And yes, it is a very enjoyable and entertaining film. There’s a lot of action, and the formula of Cruise + planes = him flying planes has been long proven to be effective (see Top Gun) so no big risks here.  And I have to admit that toothy smile can still get me at times, before the inevitable sinks in, that he is a weirdo Scientologist. Tom Cruise is not an actor, he always plays Tom Cruise, and I wish someone (perhaps the director, Doug Liman) would assist and say that you know, Barry Seals is probably a very interesting complex character in real life, and maybe, I don’t know, we should dig into what made him tick. But then why ruin that and not let Tom Cruise be Tom Cruise. Could you imagine if Seals was played by another actor (I see Bradley Cooper) who can kind of flesh out the man? But who cares, I was entertained, and damn if I don’t give credit to Tom Cruise for that.

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