When There Are No Words (Movie Thoughts: The Truth About Lies / Don’t Think Twice)

the-truth-about-lies-posterSo what do I do when I chance upon a movie that is so bad I don’t want to even finish it? Well, the anal retentive in me does finish it, no matter what. I did that today with ‘The Truth About Lies’ which is probably one of the worst movies I have seen this year, and no wonder it went straight to VOD. It’s just insipidly written, badly acted, and I cannot think of any redeeming value for it. I did not even want to write about it, because, what else can you say about it? I do not want to waste any more of my time about it, as it had already wasted ninety or so plus minutes of my life already!

large_gJyiqAYQITOQZZnYvrmtXrKKOLIWhich brings me to a dilemma – there are some movies I have seen that I have not written yet. Another one is ‘Don’t Think Twice’ which I saw weeks, perhaps more than a month ago. That one wasn’t bad at all, it was just okay, and I do think okay can be worse because it did not instill any big emotion in me. This one was written by Mark Birbigilia, presumably from his days from Saturday Night Live, and tells the stories of comedians in an improv troop, all waiting for their chance to be called for a Saturday late evening show. When one of them gets the ticket, we see how the rest of the gang reacts. The movie was perfectly fine, but it did not really movie me enough – positively or negatively – to write about it right away. So do I just ignore it?

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