Funny X (Television Thoughts: Ghosted, FOX)

ghostedI started chiding a friend because he told me he started watching Law & Order, and I told him – well I guess that means you are showing your age, only old people watch procedurals. Truth be told, and yes this may even be old age speaking as well, but I have started to watch them too, though I think (or hope) that I am attracted to more sophisticated ones: like ‘The Good Wife,’ or ‘Madam Secretary,’ for example. But whatever, I started to put this new show ‘Ghosted’ on my to-be-watched list, and I have no explanation why – perhaps because I kind of sort of like Adam Scott, one of the leads? He plays Max, a former Stanford professor who is an expert in multiverse. On the pilot episode, maybe for laughs, or maybe not, he says that this wife has been abducted by aliens. He is partnered with Leroy (Craig Robinson) a former LAPD detective whose partner was killed. They are called on to find a missing person, because said person named the two of them in some sort of video. The set up is there, but it never caught on to me. There are some paranormal things there – a levitating car, and some other stuff, but they are just too foreign for me to comprehend, and relate to. Some have called this as a more comedic X-Files, and that’s fine and well for the demographic, which really should not include me. Pass.

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