Why Don’t We Run Away (Book Thoughts: People Who Knew Me, Kim Hopper)

25663718Maybe because I was in New York during 9/11, I still have mixed feelings whenever I encounter stories related to that day. Kim Hopper’s ‘People Who Knew Me’ uses that fateful day as the springboard for Emily’s story, the narrator for the book. When we first meet her, she is escaping her old life in New York, and traveling to the West Coast to reboot her life as a new person – Connie. And she is able to do that successfully, surviving fourteen years without getting ‘caught,’ until she gets diagnosed with breast cancer, and has to deal with the past she left behind, when she has to put her affairs in order.

I loved the book, and felt sympathy for Emily/Connie, even though we see her as a very complicated – even at times unlikable – character. But aren’t we all that most of the time? I was so engrossed reading that this was even one of those instances where I wanted to see what happens to their characters even after the book ended. I had one sleepless night where i just stayed with the book, staying with it until I couldn’t bear anymore, and had to sleep. I totally recommend this book – these characters will get to you and get under your skin. And they will stay with you,

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