I Wander As The Wonder (Movie Thoughts: Professor Marston and The Wonder Women)

didsrmqvyaazzq7I have never been a comic book fan, even ones with gay appeal, like Wonder Woman. Perhaps I just don’t possess that gene. I mean, case in point – I am probably the last person I know who has not seen the blockbuster film from earlier this year. But then, I was curious enough to see ‘Professor Marston and The Wonder Women,’ which is a movie based on the man who created the character of Wonder Woman.  William Marston (Luke Evans) is the man who created her, and is apparently based on the women in his life, and the sexual kinks that they enjoyed during that time. I mean, who knew?

Basically, he and two ladies (played by Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote) were a throuple, and during those times that was looked at as a big scandal – perhaps in some people’s eyes nowadays that would still be true. But that influenced a lot of what happened to his life – he and his wife were thrown out of the university, his wife had to become a typist even with a Master’s Degree from Harvard. I wish I connected more to how these characters all fell for each other separately and together – the whole relationship thing felt a little hollow for me. Or perhaps I just wasn’t into it. Even with three great performances from the actors – I was particularly surprised by how great Evans is here – I could never really get into the film. I thought it a bit slow, to be honest. But I do like how it touched upon hypocrisies that still exist to this day, and about how there is this moral majority that decides what we feed society.

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