Sing To Nowhere (Music Thoughts: My Silver Lining, Beth Malvezzi)

bethmaI have seen a lot of jazz singer hyphenates, but this is the first one I have seen jazz singer/conductor. Beth Malvezzi is a singer/pianist/ conductor from the Connecticut area and I have just played her album ‘My Shining Hour.’ This is your standard album of standards, and Malvezzi has a nice smooth middle-ranged voice, and sings mostly in tune, and has a nice sense of rhythm. And that’s it. I wish there were something else I can say about her and her album, but it just blends through everything else I hear. The most interesting thing I can say about it is that I liked her version of the Connie Francis song ‘Mama,’ complete with Italian lyrics. Whenever I hear that song, I am reminded of my own mother and how much I miss her. But besides that, it is just so nice and bland that I have already forgotten the music seconds after hearing it.

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