The Bakery Down The Street (Television Thoughts: Vegas Cakes, Sundays on The Food Network)

Freeds Bakery_1509062539410_69874387_ver1.0_640_480

One of the main reasons I checked out Food Network’s ‘Vegas Cakes’ is because the bakery where the show is set, Freed’s Bakery, is down the street from me. I certainly have been there, and do think their pastries and cakes are yummy, but I actually did not realize they do all these elaborate cakes. When I recently celebrated my 50th birthday, I had a master baker friend do a gold cake for me. Had I known, I would have probably checked them out.

I thought the show itself is a docu-drama type of reality show. But this is from the Food Network, so it is actually a weekly showcase of the elaborate and unique cakes that they do. On one episode, they concocted an elaborate cake for the s\celebration of Cirque de Soleil KA’s 6000th performance, and they recreated the intricate masks from the show. On another, they had to think of a baby shower cake where they put together the celebrant’s interest: yoga (her hobby) and Alaska (where she is from)

It’s a fun show, but kind of not for me. Perhaps if I were channel surfing (but I don’t anymore) I would stop and watch. Otherwise, I don’t think I would seek this.

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