Kiss Me Once (Perfume Thoughts: 2 Am Kiss, Derek Lam 10 Crosby Street)

_12533549Still checking out my Derek Lam 10 Crosby Street samples. This time, I am testing 2 AM Kiss.  In my mind, i am wondering if this is somewhat related to Sean John’s 3 AM cologne, with the tagline that says everything that’s good happens at 3 am. But for old folks like me, 2 am seems to indicate more the time we need to pee. Joking aside, of all the Derek Lam bottles, this is the one that’s colored ‘lipstick red,’ so of course it is one of the few ones that appealed to me – could a Monday scent be forthcoming here?

2 AM Kiss opens with caramel – not too sweet, there’s a bit of salt to keep on from not being too cloying. I smell a fruit note, too – a berry something, perhaps raspberry? Or am I just projecting the red juice with a red fruit? It’s not too bad, though a bit off putting, as a wave of amber sweeps in and sits on top of the salted caramel. And then it just sits there, and this does nothing else. It’s certainly not a cookie-cutter scent, but it is also weird. Does it want a sweet vibe (this is not the same caramel of Prada Candy) or is it an amber based perfume (the amber here is pretty generic)

I don’t get to contemplate on it much more, as it slowly disappears on my skin, and I am left with a generic amber base. I wish it projected some kind of personality for me, but it is not saying something specific – a loud sweet noise that is overwhelmed by the amber.

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