Because Of Because (Music Thoughts: Standards Of Love, Virginia Ayers Dawson)

18922128_1596882117053319_2815930442632815194_nWhile looking through various standards albums, Virginia Ayers Dawson’s disc, ‘Standards Of Love,’ popped out at me because she sings one song: ‘Dahil Sa Yo.’ This is a classic Filipino song, a ‘standard’ from that country, if you will. It is a favorite of mine from the old country, and of course I am very curious as to how she found out about the song, and why she recorded it. I searched on the internet and I cannot find anything about her that connects her to it, besides the fact that she is based in Sacramento, California, and I think that there is a big Filipino community there.

So how does she fare with the song, by the way? She does it very well, and handles the Tagalog lyrics good enough, and even adds the English lyrics. She does a smooth jazz arrangement that serves the song well, and all in all, I like her version.

The rest of the album is fine as well. As I said, her sound veers more smooth jazz, think late Nancy Wilson. Her voice has a lot of character, and she sounds like she knows what she is singing about – I like her medlette of More/L-O-VE among all the tracks here.

But still, I go back to Dahil Sa Yo, perhaps I should email her via her website and ask?

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