You Take My Breath Away (Movie Thoughts: Breathe)

One-Sheet-600x889Andy Serkis directs ‘Breathe,’ and it’a obvious he loves the subjects of the movie, which tells the story of Robin and Diana Cavendish (played by Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, respectively)   Robin Cavendish is a disabled hero of sorts, he accomplished a couple of breakthroughs  in the paraplegic world, and certainly should be looked at as a hero. Paralyzed from the neck down because of polio, the couple broke barriers by being the first patient to survive at home, as these people were treated like lepers during that time. The story is pretty straightforward and largely predictable and you get the feeling that you have seen this movie before. Both Foy and Garfield are more than competent, and while that is good to make the film just a notch above ordinary, it also seems kind of disappointing. Garfield, for example, is saddled with a script that does not give him much to do, and I can just imagine another film wherein he shines more in the same exact role. This is one of those films that makes you feel good, but at the same time doesn’t make you feel anything at all.

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