Late At Night (Music Thoughts: Hilary Gardner, The Late Set)

a1860735702_10There is a sub-genre in jazz vocals that I love – that ballad-heavy, voice and piano,  late-night evocative mood. Few people do it, and even fewer excel at it. In ‘The Late Set,” Hilary Gardner (with pianist) and Ehud Asherie captures that mood perfectly. This is late night at its finest. I will be like Sophia Petrillo and will set it up. Almost everyone have gone home, but the singer and piano is still there. They start to play, even as the staff has started to clean up the joint. Think One For My Baby And One More For The Road. Gardner’s vocals and full and pristine, and Asherie’s ear for her tempo and phrasing is spot on – these two definitely know each other musically. When she tears into ‘Shadow Waltz,’ you are there for all teh heartache and pain, and rhythm and the blues. When she croons ‘Make Someone Happy,’ and ‘After You’ve Gone,’ you definitely know you are in good hands. I listened to this disc with my eyes closed, in the darkness and felt every nuance, every phrase. Nocturnal sublime.

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