Kansas & Istanbul (Movie Thoughts: Different Flowers/Non-Transferable)

What’s in a set up? I just saw two movies (back to back, as it were) that had similar themes – what happens when you leave (or get left) by your love. Each movie goes into a different direction, but kind of similar actually. I am trying to think if the Universe told me to watch each for a reason.

diffFirst up is ‘Different Flowers,’ which, incidentally was produced by Shelley Long. She has a small role, too, as a grandmother. Is that really a reflection of my age that Long is now doing grandmother roles? And if she is producing movies, why isn’t she producing movies for herself? Anyway, in here Emma Bell plays Millie, who bails out on her wedding last minute and sets out from Kansas City with her younger sister to drive around in her sister’s car. Why she does it is never really care, and where they go is just as muddled. This is a mess of a movie, and seems pointless. Both sisters are not likable at all, and you ask yourself why you are spending time with them. It’s supposed to be a tribute to the Kansas countryside, but sorry, in my mind these are Trump supporting bigots so I really don’t want to know them.

nont‘Non-Transferable’ is a little better. Written, Directed, and co-starring Brendan Bradley, this stars Ashley Clements as Amy, who plans a European trip for her and her boyfriend, expecting him to propose to her. Instead, he dumps her and she is left with a non-transferable vacation ticket in his name. Enter Bradley, whose character has the same name, and they embark on a two week trip to Istanbul Turkey. Istanbul is gloriously shot here, and apparently this film was partly funded by the Turkish Tourism Board. The film can at times be fun, but again, I am put off by how selfish and unlikable Clements’ Amy, that whenever she is on screen, I cringe. Bradley comes off much better, and, really, is the saving grace of the film. Having been to Istanbul myself, I appreciated all the scenic touristic scenes, and they did not appear as blatantly touristic as one would think.

Both films are really not that good, if I have to be honest, and maybe I am just starved for real love stories nowadays that’s why I am tolerating them. I ask myself everyday: Whatever happened to rom-com?


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