Heavy Heavy (Perfume Thoughts: Cafe Tuberosa, Atelier Cologne)

_101515080I was watching a video interview with Anna Wintour recently where she was asked her favorite flower, and without skipping a beat, she said tuberose. Well, that’s one thing I have in common with Ms. Wintour, I told myself, although I don;t know if I could classify it as my favorite, it is certainly up there. I always say that in recent years, I have developed a real fondness in white florals – both in the rel sense, and in perfumes.

So, in theory I should like Atelier Cologne’s Cafe Tuberosa. First, I love most of this brand’s releases in varying degrees, from like (any of the Cedrats) to love (Pomelo Paradis) And the notes description certainly intrigued me: Coffee and tuberose. Sadly, though, I think this is the first time that an Atelier release totally did not work for me.

And I gave it two chances. The first time I tried this I was at Luckyscent, and it was a ho-ish day, and the perfume felt heavy and cloying. All I could smell was heavy coffee with something so sweet – vanilla extract. At that time, I blamed it on the temperature, thinking this is probably a scent suited for colder days.

So today, a 6o degree day, I tried it again, and I still felt the same way. The coffee was a bit on the heavy dark side, but something made it feel too heavy -the coffee I did not mind, but there comes a sweet concoction of vanilla, and cocoa that just sits there, and this is scent that felt like it weighed a ton. It sits there, and assaults you, and I made a ‘mistake’ of spraying generously that it stayed with me for hours and hours. It felt like torture. I have never really been a fan of overly sweet scents, and this is as sweet (and heavy) as it gets.  This is really a big thumbs down for me, my first ever for Atelier Cologne.

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