Holiday Kisses (Book Thoughts: Kiss Me In New York, Catherine Rider)

34220850Most times when I am trying to decide what books to read next, I just choose random books on my TBR Kindle pile, and just start to read. Sometimes the words just click, and sometimes they don’t, depending on my mood. Catherine Rider’s ‘Kiss Me In New York’ got me hooked right away, so I decided to keep on reading. About a couple of pages in, I realized that this book was a Christmas-themed novel, and geez, did I really want to read a Holiday themed book this early? Well, there’s no turning back now, I told myself.

At first, I thought the premise didn’t quite work, in a practical sense. A girl get stranded in New York City on Christmas Eve, so she decides to spend it in the city with a young boy she just met. They are both suffering from broken hearts – they both just ended relationships, so they traipse around NYC. I was going to swallow everything and believe – until I can’t. And about halfway through the book, I lost interest in them because the practical Virgo in me just couldn’t take the impossibilities of the situations they are getting into. I ended up really disliking this book and not caring about what happened to the characters. Yes, Bah Hambug,

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