Some Good (Movie Thoughts: Good Time/The Good Catholic)

429200_pt‘That movie is not your type of movie,’  someone said to me while I was watching ‘Good Time.”  That person is right, but I am always up for a challenge. This film is being described as a 70s type beats-in-the-city crime action thriller, and that’s not really my favorite film genre. Surprisingly, I wasn’t bored watching this, and who would be with how Directors Ben and Josh Safdie layers the action non stop. And Robert Pattinson is sensational here, and really who would think that both he and Kristin Stewart have emerged as two of the best young actors working nowadays. I don’t know if I even appreciate what is all going on here in this movie, but I bet a lot of other people do, and that’s fine with me.

gccMoving along to another movie with good on its title, ‘The Good Catholic,’ which is a tepid rom-com about a priest (Zachary Spicer) who falls in love with one of his parishioners. This could hav ebeen a film that explores how Catholicisms and its oudated principles can affect lives of people today, but the film isn’t really interested in that. Instead, it focuses on a cutesy love story that doesn’t offend nor inspire. This is just one of those films that ones forgets even as the credits are still rolling.

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