This Season’s Stefani (Music Thoughts: You Make It Feel Like Christmas, Gwen Stefani)

gweni-albumI’ve had Gwen Stafni’s ‘You Make It feel Like Christmas’ a while now, but I just played it. I wasn’t to listen to it for some reason. Maybe it’s the Blake Shelton connection – he duets here and is dating her in real life, and by the way, he is also a famous homophobe. I was sure I would not like this album, I told myself. Unfairly, I was already judging it as a bland pop Christmas album. But surprises of all surprises, it is pretty darn good. It sounds more like a Gwen Stefani album more than a pop one. and that is definitely a good thing.

Look at ‘Jingle Bells,’ is it just me or does it have elements of SKA, making the song entirely sound different. And she has a very sexy and different take on ‘Santa Baby,’ where she ditches the coo-coo arrangement and goes for a striptease. Hey, works just as well and is hella sexy. I wish I was more enthusiastic about her original songs – I thought they were serviceable at best. But all in all, this is an album one can listen to and get something from it, instead of just a background music Holiday album.

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