Walking In Broken Glass (Film Thoughts: The Glass Castle)

gcaFor the life of me, I can’t remember if I read Jeanette Walls’ memoir ‘The Glass Castle.’ (This was pre-Goodreads)  But I must have read parts of it because parts of the film sound very familiar to me. Walls was a gossip columnist for New York Magazine, and I do remember reading her then In the book, and here in this film, she tells the story of her childhood, mostly of her carefree parents who spent a lot of their time moving from city to city when they were kids, and during the time she was starting to thrive as a writer in new York, they were were squatting at a building on the lower East Side.

The story is halved between the latter day Walls, and her childhood, and there doesn’t seem to be enough of each to satisfy. I thought that some part were disjointed, as if chunks were missing in between. And I didn’t really much care for Brie Larson as the latter Jeanette. I always thought her to be a flat performer anyway, and this is more me and my taste talking. the whole film was just one big blah for me.

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