Moldy (Perfume Thoughts: Figaments Man, Amouage)

figmanI don’t know when it happened, but I got bored with the Amouage house. Sure, they made nice and beautiful perfumes, but they had price points that were high, and for what I would pay, I wanted something more interesting – they had perfumes that were classy, and had ‘good taste’ all over them, but I could get that from any other house, and even via designer brands. If i were to pay more, I wanted different, I wanted quirky, I wanted unique.

Well. Figament Man certainly checks all those boxes, and I am in love. My first thing I thought of when I smelled Figament? Wow, this perfume smelled like moldy bread. This morning, I heated this old-ish bread and after taking it out of the microwave, it had a yeasty, moldy smell. Well, combine that with just a bit of citrus and geranium leaf, and you get the first burst of this perfume. And I do mean that in the best possible sense. Weirded out yet? The perfume then transforms into an ‘animal’-like direction. I read soil and musk, but really it’s just a more raw sandalwood we get here. It’s not pretty, for sure, but it is unforgettable. The perfume never gets out of vegetal mode – I sometimes get the vision of mushroomy smell – with just a bit of waxy undertones. I know that some people say it turns medicine-y (camphor?) but to me it just gets more earthy.

And I think it’s gorgeous – in an exaggerated animal musky  way/ It is never indolic on me, and the ‘soil’ accord is framed by something flowery (chrysanthemom)  It smells like nothing I have ever smlled before, and that, already, is plus points for me. I still am on the fence if I could wear this (there’s something about that feels like something I am allergic to) but for sure  it made me feel alive.

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