Keep Em Pumping (Television Thoughts: Season 6, Vanderpump Rules (Mondays on Bravo)

s592Can you believe I have (more or less) followed Vanderpump Rules from its first season to its now sixth season? I guess I have and I have no shame in admitting that even now, it is still one of the juiciest and most engrossing reality shows on television right now. And I think it’s because we kind of know all these characters so much by now, and plus, they are all still there, after all these years. I mean, even people who have left the show – Stassi, Kristin, Lala – have all retrenched and are all back this year. These are all troublemakers, and these people’s lives are so entwined with each other that even the most simple revelatory anything has reason for multitudes of ripples that affect each of their lives.

This season starts explosively with the big reveal that Jax slept with Faith, one of the SUR servers. Duh, you would think that this is a boring plot – I mean, how many times is Jax going to cheat on his girl – but I found myself engrossed, yet again. Yes, I felt so sorry for poor lil Brittany, who seems to be the poor girl here. But then again, you get mad at her as well for being so dumb, and taking back Jax even after what happened (and even slept with him the night after everything went down) and you see all the girls rally behind her, and on the guys side, everyone with Jax, in various modes of emotions – chastising, berating him, commiserating with him, and in a lot of ways shrigging things off, as if to say ‘Well That’s just Jax.’  And then you realize that there are deep friendships in the root of all these relationships, and yes, this is a reality shows and a lot of things are set up. But I gotta say, whatever happens, I do feel the bond and friendship between all of the cast here, and perhaps that’s why people relate and the show strikes a nerve to anyone watching (I read that this is one of the Bravo shows with the most emotional viewerships)  Really, we do sometimes see ourselves in these characters – liek us they are not perfect, but by Gosh, we also feel a little better abotu ourselves that we don’t make as big mistakes, or do we?

I love this show.

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