Milky Way (Perfume Thoughts: Concrete, Commes de Garcons)

concrCommes de Garcons, as a fragrance house, is always unique. They can be a little bit weird, at most times nutty, but never ever boring. I guess that could also be a perfect description for Rei Kawakubo’s fashion for the line, so the fragrance aesthetic is on-brand for the house. I don’t always love the scents, but I always want to have them, because as a collector, they always speak *something* to me.

Concrete is based on, guess what, concrete. When the perfume opens, it doesn’t smell like concrete though. What I initially get is the sandalwood, as promised from their description of the perfume. But this sandalwood smells dense, and creamy, and even milky. For me, who doesn’t like the ‘smell’ of milk, it is off-putting. It kind of makes me wanna throw up (Estee Lauder’s Sensuous has a similar effect on me, as it has a similar ‘milky’ note)

I never recover from that. I know there is something called ‘rose oxide’ that that is supposed to tie everything together, but that, mixed with this milky note, does nothing but makes my stomach churn. And while once in a while that whiff of sandalwood is indeed quite pleasant, in the end, I just have to concede that this perfume is not for me.

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