Bossa Beat For The Holidays (Music Thoughts: Christmas In Bossa, Cecilia Dale)

cdaleCecilia Dale’s ‘Christmas In Bossa’ is a delightful, unique Christmas album. Well, it’s unique because of it’s the Brasilian/Portuguese sound, and why not, I am sure they celebrate Christmas in Brasil as well. I wish I knew more about Ms. Dale. Before writing this, I spent an amount of time trying to google her, but there seems to be not much information about her, except that I think this album was originally released in 2005, and has been re-released this Christmas season 2017. But as I said, it is wonderful, and only a fine singer like Dale can sing ‘Let It Snow’ with a bossa nova beat. (And she sings the rarely-heard verse of it, too!)  When she sings ‘White Christmas,’ you hear a different sense of honesty in her rendition. This really is a fun listen, and I have played it numerous times already.

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