Love And Architecture (Movie Thoughts: Columbus)

columbus-movie-poster-john-cho-400x600I wanted to see ‘Columbus’ because a lot of writers have been saying that it is an underrated gem, and is one of the best films of 2017. This film, directed by Kogonada, is certainly ambitious, as it tries to bridge emotions and architecture. I know what he is trying to do, and even really admire it, but I guess I will just file this into films I don’t get, as it goes along artistry I don’t get. I was left cold by ‘Columbus.’ It tells a sort-of love story between Jin (John Cho) and Casey (Haley Lu Richardson) who meet at various buildings in Columbus, Indiana as they try to get to know each other and attempt a kind of relationship. Or perhaps not – maybe they are just two ships that are passing in the night. I liked the ambiguous aspect of what they are trying to explore with each other, I just did not believe it. I never got on board with the characters either way. I also thought the film was painfully slow, and really, I thought I have already mastered the art of appreciating slow films. But them’s the breaks, I can’t have them all, and will just have to know that the beauty of ‘Columbus’ will just be elusive to me.

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