Spicy Tuberose (Perfume Thoughts: Figament Woman, Amouage)

o.48269If there was one note that was big for 2017, I would say it would be tuberose. It seemed like everyone was using it, and I am not complaining, mind you, because over the years I have become a big white floral fanatic. I had previously written about how I liked Amouage Figament Men – it’s quirly and weird and interesting – so I went and tried the ‘female’ version of it and, alas, it is a tuberose scent.

It’s a spicy one, and it opens with a szechuan note. It’s on the hot side, and on a cold day like today, was kind of welcome. I get white flowers in the burst (gardenia, I read from the notes list) before the tuberose kicks in – and it’s a transparent tuberose that is a bit watery (not aquatic)  Then the fragrance limps on me after that. On the notes list, I seethe emergence of orange blossom, jasmine and a lysylang (a mild ylang ylang, apparently) and they just blend to a generic white flower dry down. I thought the perfume showed a lot of promise, and I find disappointed that it petered down. I thought for sure that since the male version was interesting, this female one would just be as appealing, but for me, it’s a miss. And with the Amouage price tag, it’s a big miss for me.

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