Beautiful Disaster (Film Thoughts: The Disaster Artist)

Disaster-Artist-600x889Truth be told, I only saw ‘The Room’ very recently. I knew I wanted to see James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ and I read that watching the so-called best bad film of all time will help in appreciating the latter film. Of course, I have heard about the film, but I really have never been interested in seeing it, deeming it very ‘straight people’ interest more than anything else. My verdict for the room: sure it’s bad, but also more boring than interesting. If you wanna talk bad movies, my taste run towards ‘Showgirls.’

So, I wasn’t sure at first if I would like ‘The Disaster Artist,’ but I thought it funny and even touching. It really is a story of friendship between Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Estero (Dave Franco)  Perhaps because the Francos are brothers that we sense a real connections between the two characters. Critics are lauding James’ performance, and he does do a great ‘imitation’ interpretation of Wiseau, but I thought Dave was just, if more, effective – his character is written better, and had more depth. Dave essays the nuances between incredulity, disappointment and friendly affection amidst James’ more showy performance.

But really, the film excels most when it tackled how ‘The Room’ was made. The laughs effortlessly came, all they needed to do was tell the story. I wish they delved more into the why there was a story, but it seems Wiseau’s realitieds are impenetrable. To this day, no one really knows where in Europe he originally came from, and where and how he got the money to finance ‘The Room.’

I enjoyed the film, still. It’s an interesting story, and I have always liked films about films, even if, or maybe because this is about the best worst film. Ans I did really like James’ fearless performance as Wiseau, and do like that he is getting a lot of recognition for this film. I just wish they also mention Dave, who excels just as well here.

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