In Love And Hate (Movie Thoughts: I Love You Daddy!)

I-Love-You-Daddy-French-PosterI went into ‘I Love You Daddy’ not knowing much about C.K. Louis besides the fact that he was accused and admitted to exposing himself to women. I don’t think I have seen him anything, even though I know he had a successful comedy show and if I am not mistaken, won an Emmy for it. So, context.

I didn’t hate ‘I Love You Daddy,’ but it did feel a little icky. He plays a father here to Chloe Grace Moretz, a young woman who has an affair with an older man – presumably a Woody Allen type character. He himself starts a relationship with a famous actress (Rose McGowan) who is pregnant, and it seems like that actress also had a relationship with the same older man when she was younger. There is a weird vibe of comedy here, and at times it feels uncomfortable, knowing what we know about Louis. The film is in vivid gorgeous black and white, which I think is an homage to Woody Allen’s film ‘Manhattan,’ so, again, there’s a whole slew of very mixed signals all around. And Moretz is here scantily clad in most of her scenes, which at times really seemed gratuitous.

So what do I make of the whole film? It definitely was interesting, and for me, an exercise in whether one could separate an actor with his art, or do they always go hand in hand? The film was mildly entertaining, even if it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

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